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Demo Reel


Some of the projects on which I have worked as a Mixer, Editor, Sound Designer or other various roles for Television and Film. For a more extensive list of credits, please check the Portfolio page.

A Picture Speaks 1000 Words   A Movie Tells a Story

Among the numerous shows and productions I have been part of, I had to pick just a few that can show what I've been up to. The following are just examples of my work and by no means are able to represent all the material or the way I perform a task. None of my music mixes that play on radio stations around the world and have climbed a few charts are placed here. But I am hoping to give you at least a glimpse. Enjoy the clips!


My first Demo Reel presenting some of my work, includes some of the projects made for TV or for the big screen. The video editing of the reel was completed by me, and all sound was remixed from the original sessions in order to fit the format, except 2:13 Film Trailer, "Where My Dog's At", and "Million Dollar Listings".

A trailer showcasing moments from "Bad Girls Club", Season 3 where I have edited, restored dialog, designed sound effects and co-mixed pre-mixes and final mixes. Presented in its original format as it has been aired at the time of series release.

A snipet from an episode of "Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami" , Season 1 where I have been invited to co-mix. Dialogue Editorial, Sound Design, Pre-Dub mixing and Final Mix & Digital Tape Layback performed.

One of the many promos I have mixed, this one made for  the Real World series "RR/RW Challenge The Duel II". I have been also involved in mixing all the aftershows with interviews of the cast and recaping some of the moments of just past episodes.

Worked as a Digital Colorist with DaVinci Resolve on "West Texas Investors Club" episode 103, part of an eight-episode series taking place deep in the heart of Texas.

A documentary about an artist from Los Angeles, California  named Andy Frasco and his band touring around the country and the world. Sound mix, music reediting & remastering for the big theater, as well as color correction was done.

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